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The Team@Work Difference

The Team@Work Coaches go beyond where most Consultants leave off. We not only want to help set your new destination, we want to go on the journey with you (for a time) to insure we stay on course.


A CoachShopSM sets Team@Work apart from other seminars. We present valuable information using some of the same techniques used by others, but the difference is not only how we present the information, but how we develop a personalized coaching plan to help everyone achieve their goals.


Ty Bello is a Registered Corporate Coach with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. Ty is a highly sought after speaker and brings a unique delivery to his talks. Words that have been used to describe Ty include: Dynamic, Energizing, Powerful, and Relevant.

The Sales Table

The Sales Table is the gathering space for a multitude of Sales Professionals from several different business sectors. A place where Sales Professionals whether Inside Sales, Retail Sales, or Road Warriors. The Sales Table bring value, inspiration, motivation and challenges you to move beyond activity to productivity in your sales day.