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About Team@Work

Our Mission

A Coaching and Business Services Organization

Team@Work exists to serve businesses as they maneuver through the everyday ebb and flow of running a highly – focused organization and team. Our roots are based in business coaching and we believe that businesses and team members are not broken, but are occasionally misguided and slightly off course. Our goal is to motivate and coach them to the correct path toward even greater success and team dynamics.

The Team @ Work Difference

Consultants assess. Consultants give advice. Consultants produce executive summaries.

Team @ Work is different. We are made up of trained, experienced coaches whose services extend beyond where consultant’s end.

Our team can conduct assessments on individual performers, teams and entire corporations to generate a baseline evaluation of training gaps. We can assist in identifying personalities, style of working, learning preferences, and more to help overcome difficulties in teaming and communication.

We can customize a training program that fits your unique developmental needs. Our CoachShopssm cover all areas of our expertise: sales, marketing, leadership development; customer service, organizational health, and strategic planning. We can craft a curriculum that spans time from one hour to a one year coaching program. Our flexibility allows us to adjust our agenda to fit your requirements.

And we coach you through the process. We don’t just hand over the deliverables and walk away. We go through them with you. Our coaches offer support, encouragement, guidance, ideas, a sounding board and an accountability partner. Coaching isn’t about managing or fixing people; it’s about unleashing the individual or team creativity and resourcefulness so problems and issues are resolved.

Last, we measure our success by your success. Our relationship doesn’t (and shouldn’t) end with the invoice. Our deepest desire is to witness the growth of people and the teams in which they serve.  Team@Work helps you achieve something bigger!


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Team @ Work’s Founder and President shares a light-hearted and inquisitive approach to Mom’s basic rules and how they apply to sales.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or rookie sales professionals, how you approach your everyday sales effort has been impacted by many factors. Possibly non more influential than that of your Mom.