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I totally agree with one member who says that our industry needs more support like YOU.  Your energy and information combine for a unique approach that our industry desperately needs!!  This one-of-a-kind strategy hits home and it “WILL make a difference!”   I proudly support your efforts!!

Beth Bowen, NCAMES, Executive Director

I am forever grateful to you and your team for all the help that you have been to my associates, my company and me. Your knowledge and wealth of information has already created and enabled a sense of pride and assurance in our organization. Your ideas and creative thinking have enabled our team to work closer together than ever before. Members of our management team have finally started trusting each other and consequently are taking necessary risks that previously were just not possible. Is our Team where we want to be?…Absolutely not but we have made many strides towards creating a team that is working together with confidence. I am honored to call you my friend and coach. Thank you for your many kindnesses and superior leadership and guidance.
William H. Griffin, President/CEO

Ty Bello was extremely diligent in identifying the root causes of the communications breakdown and coaching the managers to work as one team instead of two. We are already seeing the numerous benefits associated with teamwork and highly recommend Team@Work to you.
Rober Lyttle, President, Tom’s Ford, Inc.

Having Ty and his staff on location at our office created a Family Bond between employees which our Organization had been losing for some time. There was a direct relationship to the increase in productivity and our Team Building Event. Ty has a great way of assessing the team at hand, identifying and focusing on specific goals, and guiding the team to recognize these goals while educating and enlightening them at the same time. Ty’s experience alone yields cost saving ideas and solutions.
Dan DeSimone, President, Continued Care of Long Island

Ty Bello has been an instrumental influence not only for my business but for myself as the leader of my organization. His insightful perspective and clever way of illustrating his various points is not only inspiring but keeps you entertained, motivated and focused on the presentation. Ty has personally provided one on one coaching to me, which in turn has translated into greater employee retention and growth for my company. I am a Ty Bello groupie and would and have recommended him to colleagues to improve their business and their management–I mean their coaching. Give him try, you won’t be disappointed.
Larry Pierce, Executive Director of CareSource,Oklahoma

Sales Coaching increases and sustains sales growth! We have seen a 30% increase in new business written when comparing the 4th quarter of 2008 to the first quarter of 2009.

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